Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Runaway Project (Episode 1, Season 2)

(The Runaway Project Episode 1, Season 2)

*A few months after Caroline's death everything have went to the dumps, everyone is fighting for their lives, it's either kill or be killed, the sun is in the middle of setting and dust is in the air, everyone is scared for their lives, children are being kidnapped and taken as slaves or to be trained as killers, Jake is safe but he's a very sad boy now*

Jake: *Walking around one of the roughest streets on earth* How in the world did this happen? *Sighs*

Rick: *Bumps into him* Hey watch-....Jake, is that-

Jake: Yeah, it's me *Keeps walking*

Rick:.....Jake, stop.

Jake: *Gets mad and turns around* What?! Because of you everyone! S-She's dead! And now this place is a hole of killers and kidnappers!

Rick: Shh! *Grabs his arm and pulls him to the side, whispering he says* Do you want them to kill us? They get mad when you laugh and you're sitting here yelling! Do you want us to die?

Jake: *Calms down and looks down*

Rick: I have something to tell you, it involves Caroline-


A random guy: SHUT YOUR PIPE HOLE!

Jake: *Rolls his eyes and turns into an Arcanine* get on!

Rick: *Hops onto his back and they run outta trouble*

(To be continued, is Rick still evil or is he actually a good guy now? You'll have to read the next episode to find out )

Friday, October 2, 2015

The Runaway Project (episode 13)

(This is a contination of episode 12 of The Runaway Project )

Jake: C-Caroline!?!? **He turns into a human and catches her**

Caroline: A-are y-you o-okay? **Gasping for air while she speaks**

Jake: **Trying his best not to cry** Y-yes ........You'll be fine but who who

Trevor: **Walks up to them slowly while displaying an evil psycho smirk** Finally she's gonna die and I'll have my sweet revenge

Caroline: T-Trevor p-please **covered in her own blood** 

Jake: WHY YOU LITTLE **He sits Caroline down super quick and starts choking Trevor**

Trevor: L-let me g-go **As he's struggling to breath**

Jake: FINE! **He turns into a mega arcanine and attacks Trevor like crazy**

Trevor: S-STOP!

Caroline: **Trying to stand up to help but falls**


Trevor: **Smirks** Kill me for all I care! **Gasp** She's gonna die so I'm happy

Jake: SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!! **Turns red with anger and kills Trevor**

Caroline: **Barely breathing lying on the cold wet ground** J-Jake....?

Jake: **Turns into a human and runs to her and places her on his lap**

Caroline: **Gasping for air while gripping Jake tightly**  I-I'm sorry... I need you to know-

Jake: **Finally starts crying** You'll be fine...

Caroline: N-no I won't...Listen I need to tell you......I love you...I always **Coughs** Have but

Jake: No! Your gonna make it stop talking like you aren't! **Crying really bad** Please

Caroline: O-okay I-I'm s-sorry....

Jake: **Looks up at the sky** 

Caroline: **Gasping still** I love you....I-I'm s-sorry I couldn't do better I.....I.........Just Please read T-this **She hands him a note from her pocket** I am sor-..... **Her words fades out as she takes her finally breathe and dies**

Jake: COME BACK!!!!! CAROLINE!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! **Crying so hard he can barely speak** .....I...I love you too  **He's still holding on to her**

{Her note Reads:"Dear Jake if your reading this it's mean I have died......I just wanted to say I love you like I've always been in love with you.... And if I have killed myself it was probably to protect someone else or you heck even if I have sacrificed myself it's probably for the great or good.... So I don't want you to be sad or upset or even hate me but all I want to say is Jake I'll always and forever love you" tear drops is all over the pages}

(This is the finally episode of The Runaway Project)

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Runaway project (episode 12)

(this is a continuation of episode 11)
**a few days later***

Jake: **running around (arcanine) looking for Caroline** CAROLINE!!!!!!.....?

Trevor: **riding on Jakes back** we'll find her, don't worry

Caroline: JAKE! **hiding in the trees**

Jake: **all of the sudden stops running**

Trevor: **flys off of him** Ah! A little warning next time! **stands up rubbing dirt off of his clothing**

Jake: I-I heard Caroline

Caroline: **jumps down the tree and lands perfectly in front of them** Jake?! **notices Trevor 
and gets in a fighting stance** TREVOR!? W-WHY?! Y-YOUR

Trevor: **smirks evilly** gonna kill you? Hardly **laughs** this wouldn't be fun

Jake: Oh wonderful **Sighs** your

Trevor: biggest threat? **laughs more and teleports off **

Caroline: **tears up** Jake! **hugs him tightly** Trevor is more powerful than the hunters...... Why were you with him? He could've killed you!

Jake: I didn't know.....

Caroline: just know he's evil and can't be-

Hunters: **surrounds them**

Jake: **looking all around** it's too many

Caroline: **smirks** hardly **a gush of wind comes** yah! **at least a dozen of them gets knocked out**

Jake: **attacks the rest of them**

Hunters: ahhhh!!!!!! S-stop we're just doing our job!

Caroline: sure you are. ... You'll go to sleep and forget everything NOW **focuses/thinks about them doing so**

Hunters: **passes out and goes into a deep sleep**

Jake: w-when D-did you learn that!?

Caroline: I don't mean to brag but- JAKE WATCH OUT!

Jake: w-what?? **doesn't turn around fast enough**

Caroline: nooooooooo!!!! **runs in front of him  and gets shot, has a scared in shock look on her face**

(COULD THIS BE?! IS IT THE END?! stay tuned for episode 13 to find out)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Runaway project (episode 11)

(this is a continuation of episode 10)

**a few hours later**

Caroline: **walking back and forth, panicking** not again not again

Jake: **sitting on the grass** Caroline calm down use your words! What are you talking about!?

Caroline: T-they did it again! No no no no I will not go back!!!! No!!!!!!! **hyperventilating**

Jake: **quickly stands up and grabs a hold of Caroline's shoulders** Scarlet! Listen to me! Calm the tail down!

Caroline: O-okay **tries to catch her breath**

Jake: Now **loosens his grip on her** tell me what is wrong

Caroline: they took control of me again!

Jake: **stunned**

Caroline: we can't be friends anymore! I can't have you In danger! I'm going to end this once and for all.... By myself

Jake: no!

Caroline: WHY NOT?! I don't want you in danger I love-.... **quickly covers her mouth**

Jake: **stunned** y-you

Caroline:... I love you that's why I don't want you in danger...... Goodbye... Forever **teleports away**

Jake: S-she..... Loves..... Me **in shock**..... **turns into a arcanine** CAROLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

(to be continued)

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Runaway project (episode 10)

(this is a continuation of episode 9)

Jake: WHAT?!!!?!!!

Trevor: 4!?!!! they made you kill a baby?!?!?!

Caroline: **crying really bad** y-yes

Jake: **whines**

Trevor: uh

Caroline: **looks down and wipes her tears away** I must kill them! I want revenge! They will suffer!

Jake: **stunned** w-what?!


Caroline: **stands up and looking down, smirks evilly** I said I'm going to get revenge! they'll suffer! They'll pay they'll all pay!

Jake: **in shock** Scarlet

Trevor: **tears up and shape-shifts into a wolf and runs off**

Caroline: Jake? What's the matter? Huh? You don't wanna taste the sweet sound of revenge **as she looks evilly happy**

Jake: What did they do to you?!??!

Caroline: nothing I'm perfectly fine

Jake: **turns into a human and stands up** Caroline! **he grabs a hold of her and shakes her a bit** snap out of it! Out of this!!!!!

Caroline: **snaps out of it** w-what happened?! **almost falls but Jake catches her**

(to be continued)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Runaway project (episode 9)

(this is a continuation of episode 8)

Trevor: uh I'm just a uh

Jake: spill it you!

Caroline: **reads his mind** Trevor dean Luther is your name, correct?

Trevor: h-how do you know that!?

Caroline: I know everything about you Trevor you want to be the very best like no one ever was, your dream is to be a catchie catcher .... I know by looking at you I'm that smart **laughs** no not really.. I just read and looked through your memories

Jake: you can do that!?!!??

Trevor: What the hell? 

Jake: I didn't know she could do that.

Trevor: Okay then What am I thinking of right now?

Caroline: Your saying In your head "not thinking"  over and over again trying not to think of anything **sighs**

Trevor: Actually... I have trained myself not to think 

Caroline: Yeah yourself, not your subconscioususoual ( sub-conscious-soul) **sighs** nevermind 


Jake: **Turns back into a human**
Oh and I'm Jake by the way. 

Caroline: And I'm Caroline Scarlet **the sunsets** eh! I hate the dark **looks down** you both should go home don'tcha think?

Jake: Nope  **He makes a small fire in his hand** There. No need to be scared. 

Caroline: thanks Jake

Trevor: uh Caroline why are those people chasing you?

Jake: Starting off with a bang now are we?

Trevor: **turns to Jake** huh?

Jake: That's quite a thing to start off with. Let me ask you a quick question. When you saw me running, why did you follow me?

Trevor: I was curious... And I thought you was a normal arcanine

Jake: I see why

Caroline: Well to answer Trevor's question ............ here's the full story, I'm a minder the last one alive.... A minder can move things such as fire, water, wind, people with our mind, read people's thoughts, see the future and the past, kill whoever we want with our mind.... Those people want to use me as an unstoppable killing machine that's all they want is to kill but in order to do it they need me.. they made me kill someone yesterday... I couldn't stop they was controlling me **tears up** every time I close my eyes I see the persons face I killed filled with fear  she was only... 4

(to be continued, comment below if I should keep this story going) 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Runaway project (episode 8)

( continuation of episode 7)

Caroline: *runs out the building crying*

Jake: I'll save you *he runs to find her*

Caroline: *is running and trips on a log and screams, has a mental breakdown*

Jake: *sees her and runs to her*

Caroline: J-Jake? *passes out from using all her energy*

Trevor: (a new kid)  *walks up* hey! I got you now! *pulls out a catchieball (pokeball) then he sees Caroline passed out* Is she alright!?!?!! *gets ready to run to her when*

Jake: stay away!!! *growls and stands over her* who are you!!????!

Trevor: uh I'm Trevor I saw you running from school and followed you

Jake: WHY?!????

Trevor: my dream is to be a catchie catcher (basically a Pokemon trainer) and when I saw you I was going to catch you

Jake: so you don't work for anyone?

Trevor: no I swear!!!!!!

Jake: I guess the act is up *turns back into a human*

Trevor: but seriously is *points to Caroline* she ok?

Jake: *kneels down next to her* I honestly don't know

Caroline: *out cold*

Trevor: *walks over slowly and sits next to them*

*2 hours later (it's night and Jake started a small fire they are still in the woods) *

Caroline: *finally wakes up* J-Jake?

Jake&Trevor: *looks over at her* your awake!

Trevor: I thought she died

Jake: *is an arcanine and licks her face*

Caroline: *smiles and sits up* who are you? *looking at Trevor*

Trevor: *gulps*

(who is Trevor really? You'll have to wait till next week to find out.... To be continued)